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Fall is Around the Corner

Every winter I have my son collect the firewood from the backyard. He hates bringing in the firewood as he drags his big feet and mumbles on his way out to the backyard. He complains about how heavy and uncomfortable it is for him to bring in the firewood. Unfortunately, we don’t have a fancy contractor to haul in the firewood inside the house. We do it the old fashion way. Either we bring it in using our hands or we put it in a cardboard box.

My son would definitely love the wood chuck wood hauler. All he has to do is pile the wood, haul it into the house and add it to the firewood rack.

How do you bring firewood into your house?

I am in need of a firewood rack, see picture above. Do you see where the duraflame firestart box is? Well, normally the duraflame firestart box is on the side of the fireplace. I store my firewood on both sides of the fireplace where the duraflame firestart box is currently. There are many firewood racks out there, but I haven’t found the right one that will go with my decor and that’s small enough to hold the wood.

Where do you store your firewood inside the house?

I love Fall and I can’t wait til it starts so I can decorate the house for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. I’m currently looking into Ebay for Halloween fabric to decorate the dining room, especially the table and windows.

Does anyone have any ideas in decorating the foyer for Halloween? I’ve tried decorating it last year, but it just didn’t turn out the way I thought it would. It is a small a foyer, but big enough to have some type of Halloween theme. Any ideas in decorating small spaces?

I have a huge fireplace and I did decorate it last year, but I think I will revamp it with bigger props and make it more spooky. Well, I will try let’s see how it’ll turn out. I will definitely post pictures once I’m done.

Do you decorate your house inside or outside for every holiday or special occasion?

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