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Can’t wait for Bulk Day

I need to clean out my garage and the basement I can’t wait when bulk day arrive so I can get rid of most of the junk I have stored. It’s been months and every time bulk day comes I completely forget to get it out. Not this month it’s going to get done. Once I clean up I’m thinking into reorganizing those areas by adding shelves.

Where can I get storage shelve at a very low price? I’m on a budget so at this moment money is very very tight.

I was thinking about looking into craiglist to see if anyone has dispose any shelving units that they may not need for free. I will definitely keep an eye out for it.

I’m also going to check out Sam’s Club being that I’m already a member. They have a variety of shelves at a reasonable price. I will check out their website during the weekend and see what they have available. But for right now let me concentrate or focus on taking out this stuff out and rearranging the garage or basement.


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