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JC Penney Father’s Day Giveaway

The Domestic Diva has a Giveaway for Father’s Day a JC Penney $100 gift card. It ends on June 21, 2009 midnight eastern time.

If I win I would buy my husband summer clothes like cargo pants, which are his favorite a few T-shirts and whatever else I can find that is suitable for him. He tends to be very picky.

So, wish me luck and if you did enter Good Luck to All.

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Spring Styles


The Fashion Guru Carson Kressley was at the WPIX Morning News, today. He pointed out on what’s new for Spring styles it’s all about showing some skin for all different types of body figures. Based on what you already have in your closet there’s no spending or pinching into your budget. Check him out from Drab to Fab at WPIX Morning News.

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Dress Up Gothic

What is Gothic? According to it has nine meanings from pertaining to a style of architecture, to a style of literature characterized by a gloomy setting, grotesque, mysterious, or violent events, and an atmosphere of degeneration and decay, to the Middle Ages, and being barbarous and crude.

Trueblood is the most popular show on HBO and the new movie Twilight, both are about Vampires. I haven’t seen Twilight, but from the previews it looks like a great movie. I’ve been watching Trueblood faithfully and it is intriguing.

Trueblood and Twilight, both has two things in common it’s all about Vampires and their Gothic wardrobe. We have individuals out there that will go all out on dressing up in Gothic from painting their face white to wearing bloody red lipstick.

Can you dress up Gothic without looking too extreme? Of course, you can Dress up Gothic.

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Prepare for Black Friday

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving day. On Black Friday retailers have a massive discount sale. It’s the day for retailers to even out their profits of any losses from January to November sales. Both the retailers and customers benefit from this huge sale.

On Black Friday, expect to be in crowded stores and have a lot of patience you will be dealing with rude, and pushy people. In my past experience, I’ve learned to avoid Black Friday as much as possible by using layaway plans or buy sale items through out the year for my holiday gifts. Yes, I know I may not receive the discount price, but I’ve bought it without all the chaos of Black Friday.

Add the following step to your preparation on sale items. Don’t be fooled with items on sale. Search for the regular price first then look at the sale price here you will determine if the item is actually on sale. Most merchant may advertise a sale, but is it? Yes and No, the item is for sale, but not on sale. You want to save you want discounted prices, so compare, search and be alert.

There is a store that I visit frequently, which I’m not going to mention this particular store has a weekly sale. The sale items are marked with yellow tags with the sale price on it, but the sale price is the same as the regular price. So, how is it on sale? It’s not. This is to confuse the consumers thinking its on sale, but it’s not. Compare, search and be alert.

If there is a need to attend Black Friday prep yourself up with a few steps for this chaotic day.
Prepare for Black Friday

What type of tips do you recommend for Black Friday?

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