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Blu Ray Discs

At Smartzplace you can get all your Blu ray discs at a reasonable price and with the convenience of shopping online. Guess, what? Smartzplace is right here in New Jersey, but they ship to all in the United States and the United Kingdom, too.

They just don’t carry Blu ray discs. You can choose from DVD’s, CD’s, UMD’s, SACD’s, DVD audios, and books. I would strongly recommend checking out their website there are many movies to pick from it is endless. They even have a welcome page for Fisrt Time Shoppers.

Enjoy your movies with clarity and clear pitch sound having a high definition experience as though you were really there. How cool is that?

Buy blu ray movies at ease with their latest encryption technology ensuring your personal data will be safe at all times. Go, check them out.

Do you own Blu ray discs?

What are your experiences by having a blue ray disc?


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Super Nanny

Super Nanny has many parenting advice especially getting your child to behave, disciplining boys and girls differently, having your child to start listening to you, and other alternatives to saying No.

Did you know there is a five step approach for an aggressive child? Check out their parenting skills you will be amazed on what you can learn from the Super Nanny website.

Have you checked out the parenting forum?

It has many entries from behaviour, potty training, bath-time, and sleeping tips from other parents who have tried different techniques in their everyday life. You can add your own parenting techniques at the forum, too.

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Fall is Around the Corner

Every winter I have my son collect the firewood from the backyard. He hates bringing in the firewood as he drags his big feet and mumbles on his way out to the backyard. He complains about how heavy and uncomfortable it is for him to bring in the firewood. Unfortunately, we don’t have a fancy contractor to haul in the firewood inside the house. We do it the old fashion way. Either we bring it in using our hands or we put it in a cardboard box.

My son would definitely love the wood chuck wood hauler. All he has to do is pile the wood, haul it into the house and add it to the firewood rack.

How do you bring firewood into your house?

I am in need of a firewood rack, see picture above. Do you see where the duraflame firestart box is? Well, normally the duraflame firestart box is on the side of the fireplace. I store my firewood on both sides of the fireplace where the duraflame firestart box is currently. There are many firewood racks out there, but I haven’t found the right one that will go with my decor and that’s small enough to hold the wood.

Where do you store your firewood inside the house?

I love Fall and I can’t wait til it starts so I can decorate the house for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. I’m currently looking into Ebay for Halloween fabric to decorate the dining room, especially the table and windows.

Does anyone have any ideas in decorating the foyer for Halloween? I’ve tried decorating it last year, but it just didn’t turn out the way I thought it would. It is a small a foyer, but big enough to have some type of Halloween theme. Any ideas in decorating small spaces?

I have a huge fireplace and I did decorate it last year, but I think I will revamp it with bigger props and make it more spooky. Well, I will try let’s see how it’ll turn out. I will definitely post pictures once I’m done.

Do you decorate your house inside or outside for every holiday or special occasion?

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GSelect: Gifts for Men

Christmas is around the corner you can start shopping for your special man, brother, your boyfriend, husband or your son at GSelect. Don’t wait til the last minute to buy his gifts.

GSelect is especially for men, they have an assortment of products for men from men skin care to home decor and their prices start as low as $20.00. They even have Eco-friendly bags, and some reads, too.

I know how difficult it is to buy for the man in your life, but it’s not that hard at all. I normally purchase a gift card and let him choose his own gift. Unless, he let’s me know what he really wants then that’s another story.

You should pay them a visit for all their men products. You will not be disappointed.

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Apron Giveaway

Do you need an apron? If so, Lizzy Jo has so many that she is giving away one quilt theme reversible apron. Giveaway ends on August 7, 2009 at 9:00pm central time. Enter

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Rogar Wine Openers

Have you ever seen fancy wine openers? I never did until, now. I use the ones that are very small, plain looking no style to it and are handheld. You know the ones that you hold the wine opener in one hand and hold the bottle on the other hand, at times the bottle may go between your legs just to hold it steady. So, you can pop the cork. Yeah, those type of wine openers.

I found rogar wine openers this company carries an assortment of wine openers from brass, bronze, chrome, nickel, and pewter finishes, and some are made from aluminum, granite or wood. They also carry rogar corkscrews.

Check out the following two wine openers, see pictures below. Aren’t they fancy?

Estate Wine Opener with table stand
Champion Wine Opener without table stand

Check them out at rogar for sale.

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Pevonia Botanica GIVEAWAY

Pevonia Botanica is giving away “Your Skincare Solution Kits” of your choice at Ms. Latina. Giveaway ends on AUGUST 10, 2009 at 11:59 P.M. EST. Hurry and enter.

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Do you have outdoor heaters?

I never thought about having outdoor heaters in my patio. It will be a nice to have some heat in the Fall and still enjoy the outdoors just like it was still summer, but a little cooler.

Very soon Fall will be here and it’s going to start cooling off. Most people think BBQ is over and back into the house for the winter. It’s all over no more grilling and enjoying your outdoors. It doesn’t have to be that way by having an outdoor heater you can still enjoy your BBQ moments or have your get-togethers in your comfortable and cozy outdoor patios or decks.

You can pick from many features. Each one has its own style and you may choose one or more that will accommodate your needs.

Here are a few styles from residential, standing, table tops and ceiling or wall mounted outdoor heaters.

The Endless Summer Portable Round Outdoor Patio Heater has a low oxygen automatic shut-off system and is fueled by propane and heats up to 78 sq ft. You can choose a stainless steel or antique copper (see above) heater.
Here is another Endless Summer series: the Sumatra Floor Model Electric Heater. It will heat at least 12 ft diameter by using a 1,200 watt Halogen Bulb. It has an aluminum look decorated by bamboo and wicker and all its hardware is water resistant.
This one is electric only it is the Solaira All Season Outdoor Quartz Heater and comes in black or white. It covers 96 sq ft of heating and is weatherproof.

If you already have outdoor heaters or need some extras don’t forget to check out the accessories. From replacement bulbs, patio heater covers, wheel kits, heat controllers and regulators, to control panels.

Do you have outdoor heaters? What type is it? Does your outdoor heater makes it warm and comfortable when your are outdoors?

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Woman’s World & CheapOair Giveaway

These are hard times and taking a vacation is not as easy as it use to be. So, CheapOair and the Woman’s World magazine are giving away two $500 gift certificates. All you have to do is enter the contest ends on August 22, 2009 @ 11:59pm EST.

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Sak Sweepstakes

Jet Blue and The Sak are teaming up to giveaway 2 large totes and 2 round trip tickets to any non-stop city. Go and enter and by the way winners will be selected on or about September 2, 2009.

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