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Switching Blogs from Nancys Corner to Around Our Way

Update:  I forgot to mention Nancys Corner will be divide into 3 blogs all posts will not go to Around Our Way.

1. Around Our Way will have more of the Home & Garden posts along with DIY, thrift, and/or home decor posts.
2. Sewing Drama will have Fashion & Style posts along with posts of sewing for beginners.
3. Todays Careers has subcontracted opportunities and/or positions for employment will be post periodically. Along, with career resources and tips.

Here is my original message from earlier today.

I will be moving from to blogspot.   I will delete Nancys Corner blog  within 6 months to a year.

Also, I will transfer all posts from Nancys Corner to Around Our Way within the time specified above.

If you can please update your bookmarks, feeds, and/or emails, please do so @ Around Our Way



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In need of a mailbox…

My mailbox is attached to the house and every time the wind blows the flap goes up all the time. My main concern is all my mail will be flying all across the neighborhood along with my privacy being paranoid of someone opening my mail. šŸ˜¦

Streetcape mailboxes has a charming style it is made from brass and it comes in assorted colors with an anitque finish. I really like it, unfortunately it will not match the decor of my house nor will to go on my wall. I want to share this particular one, which I never seen this style before more modern than traditional, but very interesting the Davinci mailboxes. There are many styles to choose from wall mounted, copper, commercial, vandal resistant, gang, and post mounted mailboxes.

Seattle Luxe has mailboxes approved by United State Post Office and you can download a Mailbox Buyers Guide, it’ll show you what type of mailbox will fit your needs.

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Classic & Traditional Atlanta Hi Rise Condominiums

All I can say is, WOW. Check out Buckhead condos with a modern architectural from the outside, but once you enter inside it has a classic and traditional interior decor.

It’s not only a hotel or a business place for professionals from the 28th floor and up it’s Atlanta high rise condos with all the amenities from concierge, fine dining, fitness center, to your own individual climate control wine locker and much more.

In the surrounding areas of Sovereign Buckhead is Phipps Plaza and Neiman Marcus, along with the near by roads Tower Place Drive and Peachtree Road. This is truly a gracious place to spend your leisure time and make a home for yourself at an Atlanta luxury real estate.

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Anyone looking for Luxury Apartments in New York?

I always wonder how a condo in New York City looks like I know NYC Real Estate agencies has many NYC Condos with various amenities, but the one that caught my eye was the 5th Avenue Penthouse check out their floor plans.

I could imagine the look and feel of tranquility once you step into this piece of 5th Avenue Real Estate it is breathless. Besides feeling right at home in this luxurious condo is how accessible it is to various restaurants, places to enjoy entertainment and culture check it out, and well-known retailers.

If by any chance you happen to stop by, let me know your experience at Centurion Condominium. I really want to know.

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Have you ever wonder on the specifics on a particular product?

Before buying a product I would like to review it first, so I came across ShopWiki its an online informational guide for consumers it provides in depth details of a product, plus it recommends where the product is available.

The Home & Garden section has the following categories you can choose from Home Furnishings & Decor, Housewares & Home Maintenance, Kitchen & Dining, Workshop & Home Improvement to Outdoor & Garden guides.

I decided to view the bed linen basics guide, it has detail information on many types of fibers and it includes an understanding on sheet & thread counts, so if you didn’t know anything about bed and linen, now you do.

It’s winter time and if your furnace is giving you problems then you may want to check out the furnace guide, which gives you an idea when you probably need to replace your furnace, along with more helpful information.

I’m definitely adding Shopwiki to my faves.

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