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Switching Blogs from Nancys Corner to Around Our Way

Update:  I forgot to mention Nancys Corner will be divide into 3 blogs all posts will not go to Around Our Way.

1. Around Our Way will have more of the Home & Garden posts along with DIY, thrift, and/or home decor posts.
2. Sewing Drama will have Fashion & Style posts along with posts of sewing for beginners.
3. Todays Careers has subcontracted opportunities and/or positions for employment will be post periodically. Along, with career resources and tips.

Here is my original message from earlier today.

I will be moving from to blogspot.   I will delete Nancys Corner blog  within 6 months to a year.

Also, I will transfer all posts from Nancys Corner to Around Our Way within the time specified above.

If you can please update your bookmarks, feeds, and/or emails, please do so @ Around Our Way


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Flip Flop Giveaway

Mommy Goggles has a giveaway from Flojos. Giveaway ends on June 30, 2009 at 11:59 pm Central Time.

Hurry and enter for a chance to win a pair of flip flops from Flojos.

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JC Penney Father’s Day Giveaway

The Domestic Diva has a Giveaway for Father’s Day a JC Penney $100 gift card. It ends on June 21, 2009 midnight eastern time.

If I win I would buy my husband summer clothes like cargo pants, which are his favorite a few T-shirts and whatever else I can find that is suitable for him. He tends to be very picky.

So, wish me luck and if you did enter Good Luck to All.

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Friday Sewing Pattern Giveaway

Adventures in Baby-Sewing has a A-line vintage dress pattern giveaway.

Hey guys, I won the A-line vintage dress pattern. Yippy. See it here

I received the A-line dress pattern, today. I am so excited not sure when I’ll start, but when I do I’ll post the progress.

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Trendy Baby Clothes

Anyone interested in hip trendy baby clothes with a twist?

R&S Avenue has an assortment of children wear from hip, rock n roll, recycle T-shirts to dress up (pretend clothes). They carry sizes from infant up to size 14.
Well, this one is different trendy baby onesies with a skull. Onesies are not only in whites anymore R&S Avenue carries onesies in black, orange and other colors.
Who doesn’t love black and purple? R&S Avenue has sweatshirts in cashmere and in stripes.
baby jeans
I’m loving the trendy girl baby clothes. Their jeans are fabulous from greasers, light wash, dark wash and monster republic denim robot jeans.

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Spring Styles


The Fashion Guru Carson Kressley was at the WPIX Morning News, today. He pointed out on what’s new for Spring styles it’s all about showing some skin for all different types of body figures. Based on what you already have in your closet there’s no spending or pinching into your budget. Check him out from Drab to Fab at WPIX Morning News.

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Dress Up Gothic

What is Gothic? According to it has nine meanings from pertaining to a style of architecture, to a style of literature characterized by a gloomy setting, grotesque, mysterious, or violent events, and an atmosphere of degeneration and decay, to the Middle Ages, and being barbarous and crude.

Trueblood is the most popular show on HBO and the new movie Twilight, both are about Vampires. I haven’t seen Twilight, but from the previews it looks like a great movie. I’ve been watching Trueblood faithfully and it is intriguing.

Trueblood and Twilight, both has two things in common it’s all about Vampires and their Gothic wardrobe. We have individuals out there that will go all out on dressing up in Gothic from painting their face white to wearing bloody red lipstick.

Can you dress up Gothic without looking too extreme? Of course, you can Dress up Gothic.

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How to have stain free nails?

Dark, dull, and yellow nails can be caused by various reasons such as smoking, nail polish and/or not enough nutrients. Hydrogen peroxide, white vinegar, denture tablet or Castor oil are a few of the ingredients you can use to have stain free nails.

To avoid discolorations start using a clear nail polish as your base coat. The proper nutrients in your body is essential Vitamin A helps in nail growth and Vitamin B2 promotes healthy nails. First, consult with your doctor before taking any type of vitamins. Definitely, if you can’t stop then try to smoke less.

Did you know…
Nail polish contains a colorless, toxic, water soluble gas called formaldehyde. Avoid buying nail polishes that contains formaldehyde this chemical is causing your nails to be dark. The chemical formula is CH2O and another name for formaldehyde is methanal. See link for more info Formaldehyde

Try which home remedy works best for you.

For home remedies view How to have stain free nails

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