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Switching Blogs from Nancys Corner to Around Our Way

Update:  I forgot to mention Nancys Corner will be divide into 3 blogs all posts will not go to Around Our Way.

1. Around Our Way will have more of the Home & Garden posts along with DIY, thrift, and/or home decor posts.
2. Sewing Drama will have Fashion & Style posts along with posts of sewing for beginners.
3. Todays Careers has subcontracted opportunities and/or positions for employment will be post periodically. Along, with career resources and tips.

Here is my original message from earlier today.

I will be moving from to blogspot.   I will delete Nancys Corner blog  within 6 months to a year.

Also, I will transfer all posts from Nancys Corner to Around Our Way within the time specified above.

If you can please update your bookmarks, feeds, and/or emails, please do so @ Around Our Way



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Super Nanny

Super Nanny has many parenting advice especially getting your child to behave, disciplining boys and girls differently, having your child to start listening to you, and other alternatives to saying No.

Did you know there is a five step approach for an aggressive child? Check out their parenting skills you will be amazed on what you can learn from the Super Nanny website.

Have you checked out the parenting forum?

It has many entries from behaviour, potty training, bath-time, and sleeping tips from other parents who have tried different techniques in their everyday life. You can add your own parenting techniques at the forum, too.

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