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Switching Blogs from Nancys Corner to Around Our Way

Update:  I forgot to mention Nancys Corner will be divide into 3 blogs all posts will not go to Around Our Way.

1. Around Our Way will have more of the Home & Garden posts along with DIY, thrift, and/or home decor posts.
2. Sewing Drama will have Fashion & Style posts along with posts of sewing for beginners.
3. Todays Careers has subcontracted opportunities and/or positions for employment will be post periodically. Along, with career resources and tips.

Here is my original message from earlier today.

I will be moving from to blogspot.   I will delete Nancys Corner blog  within 6 months to a year.

Also, I will transfer all posts from Nancys Corner to Around Our Way within the time specified above.

If you can please update your bookmarks, feeds, and/or emails, please do so @ Around Our Way



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Write a Resume Objective

An objective statement is a short summary with two to three sentences stating your experience, skills, and your qualifications. By writing your objective statement it improves your resume by pointing out your main qualifications and it shows what type of position you are seeking.

Don’t create a general statement have more than one resume objective available. You may want to distribute your resume to more than one organization tailored to the position available.

For ex.

A position allowing me to utilize my knowledge and qualifications in your company.

Think about what the reader is thinking right about now. What kind of position is this person seeking? What kind of qualifications can this person contribute to my company?

Be very detailed in writing your resume objective. Besides your name your objective is pretty much the first thing your reader will see, so make it pop out.

Resume Objective Formats

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Detach from a Micro Manager

What is micromanage? To manage or control with excessive attention to minor details.

Does your boss takes over your assignments? Or you feel that you can’t fulfill any of your tasks at all because your boss controls every detail of it.

Bosses that micromanage all assignments leaving the employee without any room to showcase their work ethics or experiences can be difficult for an employee. There can be many factors why they micromanage it maybe they simply don’t trust you, he/she is probably under a lot of pressure from his/her superiors, or its his/her way of being. Most employers seem not to understand that they are driving their employees away by seeking other employment opportunities.

Here are some tips to detach from a micro manager.

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How to Invest in Yourself for Free

Invest your time in self learning online for free. You will not receive a degree nor a certificate the free online courses is basic knowledge for you to know. To have basic knowledge of a subject that you know nothing about and you are willing to learn it; is a very good thing, because then you can converse or write about the subject that you have learn to your colleagues or readers.

Everyday is a learning experience and if you can expand your mind to more knowledge, why not? I’ve learned various business courses online and I’m currently enroll in a few more courses one of them is called “Start-Up Basics for the First-Time Entrepreneur“. I’ve taken this course before about two years ago, but this particular one is up-to-date it’s basically a refresher course for me and the other courses are non-related to business, all for free. One of the non-related courses is digital photograhy, which I love. Once I feel comfortable in taking pictures I may incorporate this into my business, but for now I’m experimenting on taking pictures for my home.

Follow the link below for simple steps to get you going…
How to invest in yourself for free
Let me know what courses you have taken or thinking about enrolling in. Do you need help in finding a course? Leave me comment, I will try my best to find a free online course suitable for you.

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How to submit a writing sample?

There are many writing jobs online and it’s tempting to apply as soon as you see it, but I urge you to be very careful when submitting a writing sample. We have many scammers out there in the virtual world. Submitting a writing sample without knowing the individual nor the company is probably your loss. They may have kept it and used it without you knowing.

For more details view the following link How to submit a writing sample

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How to search for a job?

Seeking employment, but don’t know how to start not a problem view the link on How to search for a job

Periodically, I will post online job-sites to get you started I would suggest for you to subscribe to this page to receive up-dates via email or rss feed.

11/7/2008 UPDATE: I’ve decided not to post job-sites on this blog, so I’ve created another blog consisting of job-sites and career resources @ Todays’ Careers

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How to select the right resume format?

Selecting the right format is very simple. There are four different types of resume formats chronological, functional, combined, and targeted.

Click on the link for more details…Select the right format cheap flights from the uk to the whole world
Find Deals Malaga
Sydney Flights Cheap Flight

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How to prepare for an interview when you are in between jobs

Are you a job hopper? Have you been hopping between jobs in the past few years? Job-hopping is a negative to prospective employers, depending on the reasons it can also be a positive. Perhaps you may want to self examine the reasons why this is happening to you.

View more @

How to prepare for an interview when you are in between jobs

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Refresh Your Job Search Skills

Besides editing your resume many times, having to re-format it making certain it looks right, it sounds good, and does it fit my qualifications? There is no guarantee you will get the job, you may have to consider other elements in your job search.

Click on the link to view more Refresh You Job Search Skills

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