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Do you have outdoor heaters?

I never thought about having outdoor heaters in my patio. It will be a nice to have some heat in the Fall and still enjoy the outdoors just like it was still summer, but a little cooler.

Very soon Fall will be here and it’s going to start cooling off. Most people think BBQ is over and back into the house for the winter. It’s all over no more grilling and enjoying your outdoors. It doesn’t have to be that way by having an outdoor heater you can still enjoy your BBQ moments or have your get-togethers in your comfortable and cozy outdoor patios or decks.

You can pick from many features. Each one has its own style and you may choose one or more that will accommodate your needs.

Here are a few styles from residential, standing, table tops and ceiling or wall mounted outdoor heaters.

The Endless Summer Portable Round Outdoor Patio Heater has a low oxygen automatic shut-off system and is fueled by propane and heats up to 78 sq ft. You can choose a stainless steel or antique copper (see above) heater.
Here is another Endless Summer series: the Sumatra Floor Model Electric Heater. It will heat at least 12 ft diameter by using a 1,200 watt Halogen Bulb. It has an aluminum look decorated by bamboo and wicker and all its hardware is water resistant.
This one is electric only it is the Solaira All Season Outdoor Quartz Heater and comes in black or white. It covers 96 sq ft of heating and is weatherproof.

If you already have outdoor heaters or need some extras don’t forget to check out the accessories. From replacement bulbs, patio heater covers, wheel kits, heat controllers and regulators, to control panels.

Do you have outdoor heaters? What type is it? Does your outdoor heater makes it warm and comfortable when your are outdoors?


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