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Garden Wind Chimes

I am fascinated with all things bamboo. If I could afford bamboo fencing, I would definitely buy it. Although, I am not sure if it will sustain the weather here. I might just have to do some research.

Well, I’ve mention music of the spheres wind chimes in my previous blogs but I had to write specifically about bamboo and shells garden wind chimes.

Garden wind chimes have beautiful vibrant colors with neutral tones especially the Woodstock series which has shells. The spirit of the wind just flows with the bamboo. It’s really soothing.


Here are a few garden wind chimes which caught my eye:

The Woodstock Aloha Wind Chime has six hidden aluminum tubes inside the bamboo exterior. It is beautifully designed and has various colors in lime (above), black, neutral, and purple.


The Spirit Winds Ebony Breeze Wind Chime has 24 tubes all in bamboo including the crown, clapper and the windcatcher. It definitely goes great with any Asian inspired decor.

coconut shell

Another one of my favorite garden wind chimes are the Spirit Winds Natural Coconut Wind Chimes. It has six tubes made of bamboo along with the clapper and the crown, plus the windcatcher is made from a coconut shell.


The Woodstock capiz series includes the Summer breeze, Autumn mist and the Spring winds which are all lovely. But the one I like the best is the summer breeze which has calming and soothing colors in blue and green. Rather than tubes, it has shells—23 shells, in fact.

Besides the bamboo and shell wind chimes there are many other styles, too such as aluminum, copper, glass, bells, gongs and pewters wind chimes. The gong is perfect for a yoga teacher.


What type or style of garden wind chimes do you like?


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