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I want an outdoor fire pit

My guests always end up in the kitchen gathering around the table enjoying their beverages, be it coffee or wine, having a great conversation. I would love to have the same mood outdoors around a small outdoor fire pit.

We are almost entering August and I think it would be great to have a small gathering in the evening outside instead of in the kitchen. Let’s visualize. We’re gathered around the picnic table which is covered with a decorative tablecloth, probably a lighter color like white since it’s evening. There are some snacks like crackers and cheese, pretzels and other finger foods. I would definitely add citronella candles all around the table to create an ambiance. Also, tiki torches would be a nice addition to have around the perimeter of my gathering–which reminds me I have to set up my tiki torches.

I would set my outdoor fire pit in the center of the area where I would have my guests lounge about after dinner. Gotta make sure I have enough loungers or patio chairs to set around the fire pit, but not too close. But first, I need to get that fire pit.

There are many decorative outdoor fire pits and very expensive, but there are a few that are very affordable. I’m trying to convince my hubby to add one to our backyard being that he’s always outside laying on the lounger every night with his glass of wine.

Here are my three favorite outdoor fire pits the round brick finish fire pit, the cast iron copper finish fire bowl and the steel fire pit with the bench set.

Which one would you choose for your outdoor space?

The steel fire pit and bench set is all in a black finish black goes nicely with any outdoor decor.

The heavy duty cast iron copper finish fire bowl I love the copper tone it gives your outdoor space an earthy look.

The round brick finish definitely goes with your outdoor decor.

I hope he’ll choose one of the above outdoor fire pits. Now all I have to do is persuade him to buy one or at least think about it. Wish me luck.


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