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Why Should You Compost?

Why should you compost? Instead of throwing away any organic garbage and let it be distributed to a landfill by creating your own composter you are creating natural nutrients and rich soil for your garden, shrubs and plants. You are helping the environment, too.

It’s very simple to do your own compost and get rid of any food waste you have from your kitchen such as any type of peels potatoes, carrots, banana and even egg shells. Do not use meats. Throw it in a composter, add garden soil, add some twigs it will help with drainage. You can also, add green manure, clover, buckwheat or wheat grass manure. The manure will speed the process. such as and every so often aerate it with a shovel and let it sit for weeks and cover it. It needs to be covered to retain moisture and heat. Lastly, turn it every few weeks to aerate it using a shovel.

I found some great, inexpensive composters from Earthmaker Aerobic, Ecomposter with/without basin, Feelgood (90 and 170 gallon), Sun-Mar 200 and 400, Gourmet Garden, Wibo (110 and 160 gallons), Jumbo Caddy, Odor-free Caddy, Handy Bucket, and Hot dipped Galvanized Pail composters.

I like the tumblers (Sun-Mar 200 and 400) all you have to do is add your organic waste into the tumbler it’s easy to load and turn. There’s no shoveling involve.

The gourmet composter is made from 100% recycled materials and has adjustable air vents.

Instead of making daily trips to your composter in the yard, the Odor Free Compost Caddy is a great way to store your organic waste in your household and it has a charcoal filter in the lid to neutralize any odors. All you have to do is keep it under the kitchen sink or near your counter.


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