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So Long Smith & Hawken

It’s been great shopping at Smith and Hawken. Unfortunately, it is closing due to the slow economy. I’m not sure how long their stores will stay open. It’s only a matter of time for all the stores nationwide to completely close, so once again hundreds of people will be out of work. Smith and Hawken has been in business since 1979— for over 30 years. It’s a shame to see a great outdoor store go down the way it did.

Smith and Hawken sold a variety of patio furniture, home and garden decor, dining collection, outdoor fire pits, garden composters, water fountains, and grills. I went to the Smith and Hawken site yesterday and there is no site…just a page that states “thank you for 30 wonderful years”.

Bummer. The closest Smith and Hawken to me is Westfield which is rather far so I would constantly order from their site. I am really sad to see them go. Sometimes, when bargain shopping, I would end up on this site called Outdora. They carry a lot of the same merchandise as Smith and Hawken. Much of the time I noticed that their prices were actually lower than Smith and Hawken because they offer free shipping.

I stumbled on an ad yesterday that Outdora is offering a discount to all Smith and Hawken customers and employees. For all garden connoisseurs: their site is:

The 700 Smith and Hawken employees being laid off is truly the tragedy in the disintegration of the business. Yet, again, this economy is destroying yet another corporation. RIP Smith and Hawken.


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