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Music of the Spheres Wind Chimes


Here is an unusual Music of the Spheres wind chime it weights about 200 pounds, is at least 14 feet tall and has only 6 tubes. It is call the Brasso Profundo. The crown, clapper, and windcatcher are all made of aluminum and alloy coated with a black powder finish. Can you see yourself standing next to one of these?

Music of the Spheres wind chimes has many sounds you can choose from. The following have more basic tunes such as the pentatonic, quartal, Chinese, Mongolian, and Westminster. You also have a selection of exotic tunes, too. In Hawaiian, Whole Tone, Japanese, Aquarian, Balinese, and Gypsy sounds.

Did you know you can adjust the windcatcher to produce a harmony that suits your mood or style?

Music of the Spheres wind chimes are in various styles and sizes. It has ten musical scales and a standard orchestral pitch.

Both the Soprano and the Mezzo Soprano wind chimes are the smallest. The Soprano is about 90 inches and the Mezzo Soprano is about 40 inches in length.

The Alto wind chimes adds balance to your outside environment. It is 50 inches in length and it has six tubes.

Have you heard the cathedral bells? The Westminster wind chime sounds exactly like the cathedral bells. It is about 90 inches long and it has four tubes.

The Tenor wind chimes adds liveliness to your outdoor space. It has six tubes and is about 60 inches long.

Music of the Spheres wind chimes have a series of three bass wind chimes: the Brasso Profundo, which I mentioned in the beginning, the Bass wind chime, and the Contra-Bass wind chime. The Bass wind has six tubes and is 90 inches in length. The Contra-Bass wind chime has six tubes and is nine feet long.

Do you want to hear their individual sounds? Check out the audio samples.


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