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Juliana Greenhouse

Juliana Greenhouses has various styles and features to fit your needs. It has premiums, gardeners, lean-to, compact, tier racks, and basic greenhouses. It is made of aluminum and double walled polycarbonate. It’s also maintenance free and lightweight. It will withstand high winds and heavy snowfalls and produce great results for any type of seedlings such as herbs, bulbs or roots.


My favorite is the Lean-to style it’s great for someone who has limited space. It has three styles: the mini Lean-to, the extra-wide mini Lean-to, and the carport Lean-to greenhouse. You can set any of these Juliana mini Lean-to greenhouses against your house, garage, or shed.

If you have a lot of land, the Juliana Gardener Greenhouses would be great for you. There are three series you can pick from, starting with the 1800 gardener, 2700 gardener, and the 3600 gardener.


The Juliana Gardener 3600 greenhouse has double doors which allows at least four feet of access and double roof windows for ventilation.


Only serious gardeners may enter, check out the Juliana Compact greenhouse series: The 6.5, 9.9 and the 12.1 compact greenhouses. The Juliana compact 9.9 greenhouse (above) has four roof windows for ventilation, double sliding doors, and is over seven feet tall.


There are two styles of the Juliana tier racks. One in a two tier and the other in a four tier rack which is perfect for people who really are limited to space. You can add one of these right on your porch, deck or patio. See, the four tier rack has a zipper plastic covering which is UV treated. It also has four removable shelves.

Along with your Juliana Greenhouse you can add accessories such as the mist and cooling system, the dual shutter vent with fan, digital thermometer and hygrometer, shelf and table unit, minimum/maximum thermometer, indoor/outdoor thermometer, bubble insulation kit, automatic window opener, seedling heat mat, and the shade cloth.


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