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Woodstock Wind Chimes

I’m not sure if it is the woodstock wind chime, but a neighbor of mine from across the street has one and you can hear the sound of the wind chime everytime the wind blows. I love listening to its calming and soothing melody.


Woodstock Feng Shui Collection Wind Chime – The tubes are made of silver coated aluminum and the crown and clapper are made of cherry wood. The windcatcher has cherry wood with the hologram. In this collection you can choose from energy, fortune, imagination and peace. The picture above is the energy series, see how beautiful and tranquil it looks.


Woodstock Latin Connection Wind Chime – It has silver coated aluminum tubes and the crown, clapper, and windcatcher are made from ash wood. In the woodstock wind chimes series you can choose from Salsa, Tango and Mariachi melodies.


Here is the Woodstock Shangri-La Chime, the crown is made from Bubinga wood while the tubes are in bronze aluminum and beautifully designed.


Do you like hearing bells? Check out the Woodstock Hanging Garden Bells. They are made from brass. Not only will these hanging golden garden bells will be great for your garden, but they are great for indoors, as well.

Woodstock chimes of Earth has both the bronze and silver tubes. The crown, clapper, and windcatcher are all made from ash wood. You may want the wind chime of Earth by itself or you can combine it with the woodstock of Planets such as Pluto or Saturn to give you a more outstanding sound.

The woodstock percussion wind chimes has a range of styles. You have many options to choose from with every sound in mind and created by a professional musician, each designed specifically to each melody and hand crafted in various colors. Do you want to hear how it actually sounds? Each woodstock chime has an audio sample online for you to hear on the Outdora site.


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