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Lynx BBQ Gas Grills

The Lynx BBQ grill is beautifully design to make you look like a real professional while grilling in your very own outside kitchen. It has various styles and features such as the Prosear. Your meats will be professionally seared at its best. All Lynx series are in stainless steel. Enjoy your professional outdoor kitchen, cook your favorite foods anytime of the day and savor every moment of your grilling experience.

Built-In Gas Grill
The Lynx grills ranges in sizes from 27, 30, 36, 42, and 54. It comes as a stand alone, with rotisserie, or with rotisserie and prosear.


Check out the 54′ Built-In Lynx Grill with Rotisserie and the ProSear. The rotisserie has a two position stainless steel spit rod and it has three rotation speeds. You can adjust on how close you want your meat and how fast or slow you want your spit rod to rotate. The prosear feature is mainly searing your meat on high and low temperatures.

Freestanding Gas Grill
The same as the built-in, it ranges from 27, 30, 42, and 54 to fill into any type of free space you have in your backyard with almost the same features.


Here is the 54′ Freestanding Lynx Gas Grill with Rotisserie and ProSear, too. View the difference between the built-in and the freestanding gas grill. The freestanding gas grill has even more features such as drawers, red brass burners, fold down shelves, removable shelves and reversible shelves to use when serving. It’s also portable.

Do you need to add more features to your Lynx grill? There are many features you can choose from such as fuel conversion kit, rotisserie kits, built-in or freestanding side and double burners, built-in double side burner with a prep center, warming drawers, utility carts, components, appliances, service cart, stations, and grill accessories.


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