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FlowerHouse Greenhouses

First, I applaud you just for having an herb or vegetable garden. Growing your own garden is an inexpensive way to save money and you don’t have to go to your local produce store to buy your veggies and herbs. I am trying to get mines together, but my main concern is the raccoons, possums, and birds. For some reason we have a lot of birds this year and a couple of possums and the raccoons will be probably be around in the middle of summer.

I was looking into FlowerHouse greenhouses and found a variety of styles from conservatory, farm house, dome, dream house, spring, bloom house, hot house, and seed starters greenhouses. The greenhouses has various sizes, features and are inexpensive, too. Most of them you can install yourself.

Hot Greenhouses


Are you limited in space? If so, here is The Hot House Greenhouse which is attached to an existing door from a house, shed, or garage it’ll fit any standard size door. Its features are reinforced woven polyethylene material, UV resistant, 100% waterproof, made of Gro-Tec.

Conservatory Greenhouses


The conservatory greenhouses is big enough to grow fruit trees and hanging plants. It has a traditional and Victorian appeal which is very beautiful. It also has a one zipper screen door along with window screens to allow humidity and air circulation.

Dream Greenhouses


The Dream house is huge it has two zippered doors, eight zippered screen vent windows, and four portholes for hoses or power cords. It’s very spacious you can add plant benches, shelving units and trellises. This is great for seed starters.

Most of the cold frame greenhouses has indestructible polycarbonate panels and rustproof aluminum frames. This will hold heat and moisture while blocking the wind and cold from the FlowerHouse portable greenhouse. The starter house greenhouse is great for multiple seedlings or for planting a large amount of indoor starter plants to the garden.

If you already have a FlowerHouse greenhouse you may need some accessories like the cooling, watering, heating, ventilation and flooring.

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