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My Past Vehicles

I have never purchased a car in my life, as of yet. All the the cars that I have acquire were all given to me by family members. My first car was a Red Nissan Pulsar stick shift I don’t remember the year I think it was a 1987. My second car was a 1986 Navy Buick Regal and my last car was a 1978 Beige Cadillac Seville. None of these cars are in my possession, anymore.

My last car the 1978 Cadillac Seville it was my all time favorite vehicle I was in my late 20’s and I was driving a classic. They don’t make cars like this anymore.

At the current time we have a 1999 Black Ford Expedition which my husband purchased a few years back. It’s really his vehicle, but a share vehicle. We don’t need two vehicles being that I’m home and he’s the one working. Although, he’s thinking of buying another to get rid of the current one, but that’s another story.

If you had the luck I had from not actually buying a car you are extremely lucky. It’s a big step in purchasing a new car and before you speak to a sales representative at the car dealer. You may want to do a little research by checking out a few reviews on what others are saying. Read on the vehicle style, performance, quality, safety, and features of the car you maybe interested in purchasing.

Check out the following vehicles chevrolet impala, bmw cars, lamborghini, and 2009 honda reviews.


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