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In need of a mailbox…

My mailbox is attached to the house and every time the wind blows the flap goes up all the time. My main concern is all my mail will be flying all across the neighborhood along with my privacy being paranoid of someone opening my mail. 😦

Streetcape mailboxes has a charming style it is made from brass and it comes in assorted colors with an anitque finish. I really like it, unfortunately it will not match the decor of my house nor will to go on my wall. I want to share this particular one, which I never seen this style before more modern than traditional, but very interesting the Davinci mailboxes. There are many styles to choose from wall mounted, copper, commercial, vandal resistant, gang, and post mounted mailboxes.

Seattle Luxe has mailboxes approved by United State Post Office and you can download a Mailbox Buyers Guide, it’ll show you what type of mailbox will fit your needs.


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  1. SewDucky says:

    Some of these are cute, and I was surprised. Me, I’d go for the wild ones, but mine is half a mile away so I wouldn’t ever get to see it anyway!

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