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How to prepare for an interview when you are in between jobs

Are you a job hopper? Have you been hopping between jobs in the past few years? Job-hopping is a negative to prospective employers, depending on the reasons it can also be a positive. Perhaps you may want to self examine the reasons why this is happening to you.

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How to prepare for an interview when you are in between jobs


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2 Responses

  1. WinningNow says:

    Job hopping as far as my experience is never and will never be viewed positively.

    If you are a job hopper, you better be able to explain the reasons why. If you are hopping jobs going after the big dollar, that is a red flag. Employers want to know (feel secure) that you will be committed to the position and the company.

    If you are leaving because it wasn’t a fit, or you didn’t agree with the company direction, etc. Take some time to evaluate yourself, what type of job you are really seeking. If you don’t you will eventually not be considered by any employer, except those just wanting a warm body as a serious contender for a position.

    Now there is a time when job hopping might be viewed differently. When it is the result of a transfer of a spouse. Employers understand that because of 2 career families, this is very common.

    Otherwise, stay a minimum of 2 plus years, and take every advantage of growth in that position.

  2. nancysoffice says:

    Great input WinningNow, overall prepare yourself; always be ready to answer any difficult questions that may arrive.

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